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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
This is great, i didn't know there were competitons like this and i was not aware of the software to make games without any programming knowledge what so ever.
My time is really tight but you just opened my appetite, i'll have a blast trying this software.
This last two months had been insane for me because of this all amiga scene, i'm just travelling back in time and it feels great, i feel i'm 15 again.
I just recover 2 amiga 500 and they are working flawlessly, now i'm waiting for a keyboard and for Kick Rom 3.1 for my amiga 1200, i've already purchased an internal floppy drive for it (before i started to mess with PC Floppy and get them all to work with the amiga) Anyway The only thing working with my 1200 was the motherboard everything else went to hell.
Back to the issue this is just another thing for me to glue myself to the Amiga.
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