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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
What? Inferior with a 68000@10 MHz, 1 MB Ram+1 MB VRam, 512x512 pixel with 65536 colors? Well this was the first model, later X68000 were better.
Later models had the same specs : audio, VRAM, palette, screen resolution, number of sprites etc. didn't change until the last model produced in 1993. The amount of RAM and the CPU were among the main changes, starting from 10MHz 68000 for the early models to 16MHz 68000 for the 68000 equiped ones. Later models had 68030@25MHz.

X68000 might have superior hardware, but what about the price ?
How many Amiga 500 could you buy for the price of a X68000 in 1987 when it was released ?
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