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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Hehe, no worries Have a look here :
Since I don't use a Mac myself, I can't really help you with this specific program, but the basic setup to connect to a FTP server shouldn't be too complicated.
To connect to the FTP server for our file server, use these connection details :
Address :
User    : eabftp
Password: Upl0ad3r
Hope this works for you
Hi TheCyberDruid, had to go out today, wasn't expecting to be back this late.
I've just took a look at that link you posted, that prog is for MAC OX10.5 my poxy mac only runs 10.4, but now I know what I need to find, I'll scour the internet first thing in the morning for one that I can run and start trying to upload tommorow.

Hopefully by sometime tomorrow afternoon I should have managed to upload the ISO file.

Might take a bit longer cos i've only been using a mac for about 4-5 weeks and Im still sussing it out. (That's why I've always used Amigas, they have the best OS system ever created)

Anyway hopefully sometime tomorrow my little treasure trove will be uploaded for all the Amiga world to share.

Be on it first thing in the morning...


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