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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I know, saw it after I added the line of code there and didn't bother to remove it. As it is it's pretty much useless of course!

I missed the _LinkerDB in the interrupts, thanks for the hint.

I have adapted the source a bit more (all branches have distance specifiers now (.b wherever possible), above mentioned problems fixed, mt_mastervol optimised etc.) and also tested the replayer, it works fine for me!

I have added 2 options as well:

MT_NOBSS, this can be set to 0 or <0>, if it's not set to zero the BSS section for the variables will be removed, useful if one needs pc-relative code (the replayer isn't 100% pc-relative yet though)

MT_INITA4: if this is set to anything else than 0 all routines which require a4 to be initialised will contain an additional "lea mt_var,a4" line

Updated and working version of the source attached to this post, example how to call the replayer added too (check beginning of the source).

Thanks for doing this, assembles properly in Devpac now

However, not sure if its something i'm doing wrong, or if theres a problem with the routine, but i've tried two separate modules now, and after playing about 20 seconds or so, both stop playing using this routine.

Is it just me?
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