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Following slight (untested!) optimisation could be done in the "mt_mastervol" routine:

Instead of

	lea	mt_MasterVolTabs(pc),a0
	add.w	d0,d0
	add.w	d0,d0
	move.l	(a0,d0.w),mt_MasterVolTab-mt_var(a4)
this could be done:
; stingray, since each volume table has a size of 65 bytes
; we simply multiply (optimised of course) by 65 to get the
; offset to the correct table

	lea	MasterVolTab0(pc),a0
	add.w	d0,a0
	lsl.w	#6,d0
	add.w	d0,a0
	move.l	a0,mt_MasterVolTab-mt_var(a4)
Saves one memory access and, much better, all the 65 pointers to the tables can be removed as well which means slightly shorter code, less RELOC32 data and less hassle to make the replayer 100% pc-relative.
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