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Hi Arnie,
I'm not very familiar with the workings of the WinUAE program,
but I tried to follow your instructions about booting the 1200 from the systems tab.... I notice that MY image is slightly different from your one.
Then I clicked the wee icon , and got the DPaintIV icon.

So I clicked on that icon, and the box opened with the Install icon in it.
And when I clicked on that, I got that dialog screen.... I've been here before.
But a couple of clicks later, I arrive at the question : What directory do I want ? Well This is where I get stuck every time.
I don't know what to do next...

I was looking at the WinUAE Properties screen, and I notice 3 buttons :
Add Directory or Archive , Add HardFile , and ADD HardDrive.
I was wondering if this might be the way to go ?
Maybe i could click on Add HardDrive . but I have no experince with this knd of configuring.
Am I getting close
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