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Still working on this problem - trying to figure out what I have done wrong...
Since DPaintIV version 4.1 seems to be corrupted , I have also tried version 4.5.
But that's corrupted too.
So I have downloaded DPaintV, version 5.2 .
And that works fine
I mean it loads up with 3 icons.... RAM , Workbench3.1 , and DPaintV install.
And when I click on the Install , it launches the screen with the choices of
Novice User, Intermediate User, and Expert User.
Okay, that's fine. At least, this version doesn't appear to be corrupted, so I get one more chance to get DPaint installed.
But as I proceed through the steps, everything works fine until I get to the last step...
Where it asks me what drawer I want to put it in.
At first I thought that I just had to type in DH0:
Or something like that... but no , that doesn't work.
I have been working at this for 3 days now
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