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Aw, Gee Whiz...Something has changed .
This program seems to be working different from the way it was working last night.
Yesterday , when I started the program, Up would come that sequence that asked me if I wanted to install it the Novice way , or the Expert way.
But now, I don't get to see that part, any more. (???)
When I click on the INSTALL icon , it goes right to the screen that says :
To Install DPaint on your HardDisk, Boot from your HardDisk and then Click on the "Install Dpaint" icon.
Then the Dialog screen shuts down, and I'm left with a DPaintIV icon.
So I click on that... and then the Install DPaint icon in the box
Now I get the DPaintIV installation script, which says :
Continue with the DPaintIV installation ? .... Y/N
Please enter the directory you wish to install DPaintIV into:
And that's as far as I can go with that procedure.
I don't know what Directory name to type in...
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