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I'm new to all this - struggling with Cloanto

Hello everybody, I am new here.
I just bought the Cloanto Premium package last week, and I have been clicking my way through all their Games and Demos.... all their examples.
It looks great - simple and straightforward. So I tried to load up Dpaint IV.
It has 3 adf-files, (the Program, and 2 Art-disks).
When I load up the program , it suggests that I install it on my Hard-drive.
But when I click on the Installer, it just whirrs for a few seconds, and puts up a message that says My DPaintIV disk is full.
It doesn't seem to be installing it onto my 'HardDrive'
It seems to be trying to copy the files onto the original program-disk.(???)
It keeps asking me what is the name of the directory that I want to copy to.
I don't know what to type in.... I'm obviously doing something wrong
Can anybody point me in the right direction ? ... Any suggestions ?
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