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Originally Posted by Geijer View Post
The problem with taking over the system totally is that you can not load data from hard drive, the days of trackdisk loading routines are unfortunantely over
I need a good way to bang the hardware and still load data from the hard drive or is it best practice to use "loading scenes" where the system is temporarily enabled.
(let me know if you think I am stealing your thread)
Disable level6 interrupt. That will disable system. When you need to load something enable I/O and level3 (needed for blitter, disk loading uses blitter). After you've loaded you can disable I/O and replace level3 vector for your own again. I never attach my vectors to system the proper way. I just change the vectors on the fly. Needless to say my programs don't multitask.

If you don't use blitter yourself then you can do your own level3 interrupt routine which checks if it was blitter that called, and in that case traps the system level3 vector. So you don't necessarily have to shuffle I/O and level3 all the time. You can keep them ON all times this way.

Or you can do stuff the proper way. But that's not cool
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