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I downloaded it and watched it as it was meant to be watched - on my 47'' TV with the lights out. I tap on my joystick three times out of respect to you, sir; it's a masterpiece. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this, these days it's good to remind people that Greeks actually have a creative side after all.
Hey man, thanks for your kind words

Btw, don't know which version you downloaded, but from what I see, if someone chooses to download the YT version via a YT downloader program (or downloading web service), the end result differs from the original I have created. It seems that fps are downgraded or something (like tiny glitches). The file uploaded to my dropbox account is the perfect offline version of it. Most probably I will uploaded it to a torrent website and seed it for a month or so. When I will do so, I will renew the download link at description and notify ppl for it on various fora.
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