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There's actually Amiga games without flickering that are as good as some of the best NES games
I've said this here once before, so I'll be repeating myself.

I love the Amiga. It's my favourite machine ever. I have fondly memories of it, from all my "retro toys" its the one I play the most, it's the machine I chose to code for nowadays etc, it was my gaming machine during my youth, and I always defend its library of games when, on retrocomputing fairs around here, I keep hearing "The Amiga is a great computer with only shit games on it" (Yeah, I hear this *a lot*).

But no. Super Mario Bros 3, Megaman 2, Ninja Gaiden, Shadow of the Ninja... the game that inspired my nickname (Shatterhand)...

The NES is full of brilliant 2D platform games that *no* Amiga game can even dream of touch. Everytime I'm playing with my NES I can't help think "Holy shit, this could be easily ported to Amiga and if it was done back at the time it would be a KILLER game on it".

And then you have the shoot'em ups... Zanac, Gunnac, Recca, Crisis Force, Gradius 2... again, nothing on Amiga can touch those gems in terms of pure gameplay quality.

I didn't have a NES back at the time, but owning one now and finally getting the gripes with its library, I really can understand why it was so damn popular. It really has a huge library of amazingly good games.

This doesn't mean the Amiga doesn't have great 2D action games. It does. But.... it's just too hard to compete with what the japanese devs were doing back at that time.

It's like has been said on another thread. I always felt european devs were too busy trying to push the hardware to its limits instead of designing games that were *really* good.

I concur, Bullet Hell can be quite innovative. That said, I think there's room for both. A good game does not need a gazillion objects to be fun.
If I didn't agree with you I wouldn't be trying to make an Amiga shoot'em up right now

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