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I meant you can pipeline the generation of the grid address on an A1200... Although I'm starting to wonder if I was right, I forgot there is no swap.w op-code.

But actually there is a better way to do it that I thought of. You have to calculate basically the same thing for the blitter anyway. It needs a memory address, i.e. a 16 pixel block aligned address. So you have done a lot of the work already.

I'm wondering if with clever alignment of the screen bitplanes you could optimize it even further.

In Gradius the collision detection for the player's ship favours the player. You never die when a bullet definitely didn't touch you. Sometimes you can survive when a bullet grazes the ship. That became a standard feature of Japanese shumups, with the player having a tiny hit box way smaller that the ship sprite.

If you require pixel perfect collision detection to "trust" a game then you must not trust very many games. Almost no classic 2D games have perfect detection.
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