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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
A grid is very special case. Furthermore, it must not round coordinates to the grid, or it will be more inaccurate even than mere box collision detection.
Have a look at the video I posted. It IS very inaccurate, but that's the trade-off that Konami made. It favours the player and the game is still a classic and immensely fun.

Very few games have perfect collision detection. Super Mario Bros only does collision detection every other frame, and even then it has a limit on the number of checks it can do so e.g. you can pass through some of Bowser's axes when speedrunning. PacMan famously allows you to go through ghosts under certain circumstances because of the grid collision system, which actually makes the game more exciting and fun.

What's more fun for the player, perfect collision detection or having 100 objects on screen?
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