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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post

Goes perfectly hand in hand with some of Mike Oldfield's "chill out" tunes:
It is on some of my playlist, mostly with Jean Michel Jarre. Some of this music brings back memories...

Originally Posted by nathanm1991 View Post
Retro Keeps me going too buddy along with this Forum and a few other Things.

Please do not Regret what Happened to your Friend, sometimes you think you may be helping by taking a Step back and it isn't always the case. That doesn't make you Remotely to blame at all. Remember the Good times.

Mental Health is Scary and Before I could Admit to Myself that I needed a little bit of extra help when it comes to Coping, it used to Scare me!

Gaining a Understanding of it I think comes with Age Buddy it took me a long time to Accept I am Different
I asked my self what could I have done differently to make change, and it is hard to imagine different results. At the time I got married, worked around 50 hours a week and was going to college. In that pressure was easy to forget all issues, but also some people that meant a lot to me in childhood. Probably would not change much, if I did anything differently, except probably make me feel better.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Wasn't underestimating anyone, it's just uncommon to see mental health mentioned on a retro computing forum.
Usually people don't write those in profile... wonder why not.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
This is exactly where I am heading. And I feel like there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.
Professional help is what you really should focus on. Sure, we all think we have all wisdom of the world, but really just someone trained in this stuff is able to help you.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I'm sorry, but I have no idea how listening to annoying sounds can possibly be helpful. Why wouldn't you just listen to silence, or some music that you liked?
It does not have to be annoying music. How about [ Show youtube player ]- this moody music does wonder for me.

Originally Posted by jmmijo View Post
Like the old Simon and Garfunkel tune:

Sound of Silence
Not sure why, but first things that comes after that song for me has to be [ Show youtube player ].
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