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CD32 music audio / just a quick thank you

I recently got a message from someone who had strange sounds coming from his CD32 when booting RESHOOT R.

Had some sleepless nights after that message, since RESHOOT R ran perfectly when I tested it on CD32. Once again I found help in this forum, with JOTD pointing me in the right direction – clr.w $bfe201 was the cause. Apparently thie command sets bit 0 in $bfe001 true, which then leads to the CD32 playing CD-ROM data as if it was audio. I implemented that line very late in the development process, to ensure that firebuttons are queried correctly. Should not have done that. Replaced that command with move.w#3,$bfe201 and everything is alright.

This community is so unbelievable. Thank you guys!
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