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Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
Hm. Strange. I always thought that the A2000 was shipped with Kick2.04 ?! This was the case with my A2000. Thought about upgrading ?

Funny, for my Amigas it was the other way around: A500=Kick1.3, A2000=Kick2.04
It all depend when you bought it . A2000 went out in 1987, KS 2.0 was released in 1990.

Originally Posted by EvilCensor View Post
Is there any chance of convincing this (WHDLoad) to work on a A2000, 8Mb, HDD with (cough!) Kickstart 1.3?
The "real" config I most used before I packed it was like yours.
Regarding your question, you can give a try with JST. JOTD improved it recently and you can have some success in playing games under 1.3. Still not perfect but...
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