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Question DLNA or Free NAS ?

So I am looking around for doing a small form factor machine that I could run either Free NAS or a DLNA server on, could be either Windows or Linux, but I'm looking to support multiple USB3/3.1 devices so will probably also want to use a 4 port hub too.

Technically it could even be a NUC type device with HDMI support and at least one USB3 or 3.1 port for a hub.

Basically I want to centralize all my external USB devices onto one central location or connection to feed as a basic media server.

I've already setup and used Universal Media Server for Windows, it's a Java Applet that runs under Java 7 or 8, I use the 8 version.

This is pretty darn easy to setup and can be installed to run as a service on Windows and start automatically.

Any ideas or tips on this one ?
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