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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I cannot say how new this issue is since it has been a little while since I used this tool. Actually it was before you implemented native support for OLED displays, so that is quite a while back. Back then it was working as I would expect as it would find and add all image files, including ones in subfolders, the first time I would do -populateslots after a -clearslots.

I just tried the version you linked to me and it also does not add all files.
I started with a -clearslots, and then I did -populateslots. The 1st run would add slots 1 through 16, the next 5 runs would add 4 slots each, the following 15 runs 3 slots each, then 6 runs with 2 slots and finally 6 runs with 1 slot each. Now all 99 images have been assigned to slots and it does not find any more images.

So there seems to be some pattern to it as it will add fewer and fewer slots as it progresses.
Thanks for the feedback and the dd test image !

This is now fixed :
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