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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Thanks, this one works better however not completely. I am now able to do getslots and setslots, but if I clear all slots and then do a populateslots, it will only find and add a few files (4~6 images). If I then do a populateslots again, it will find a few more files and add those. I can keep doing this, and after perhaps 20 iterations, it no longer find any more files and it has added all my 99 image files. The order seems quite jumbled up (it is not alphabetical like I would prefer), and it is not like it is adding the files one directory at a time.

When I do a getslots, I will see the files in the order that I want, but the slot numbers in the left column are mixed around, so I had to manually edit the numbers in the file and then do a setslots from this file to get the desired order of files on the Gotek.
Just to be sure : Is it a new issue ? I suspect that you have the same issue with older versions : Could you try this one ? :
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