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I just updated my Gotek to v3.1.27.1a but am having issues with the autoboot mode or more specifically, the HXCFEMNG.exe tool.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but it has worked for me in the past.

I have my USB stick mounted as H:, a single partition formatted with FAT32. I moved the Autoboot HXCSDFE.CFG and the Amiga AUTOBOOT.HFE to the root folder as well as some .img files (I will be using this Gotek in a PC).

When I do 'HXCFEMNG.exe -disk:h: -populateslots -verbose' it doesn't write any files to the console. It normally writes the list of images, correct?
If I then do a 'HXCFEMNG.exe -disk:h: -getslots -verbose' there is also no output except for the program header.
If I just run 'HXCFEMNG.exe -disk:h:' I can access the slots and assign them manually one by one and that seems to work (albeit slow and tedious), however I still cannot use -getslots to read the slots that I just created through the menu. When I launch the selector menu it also states that my firmware is not up to date but I don't know if that is important (where does it read this from?). The Gotek is flashed with the latest FW and I used the latest HXCSDFE.CFG and AUTOBOOT.HFE.

Since I can use the menu manually I assume that the drive access is working fine, but is the HXCFEMNG.exe tool broken somehow with the latest FW?
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