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Well, back to the Original topic (Question at hand) - I agree with some who said just do what you do/want on your Amiga normally.

That's what I plan to do.

I sold off my Amiga around 1996. At that time I had memory expansions and an accelerator that I can't recall which one. It was modded in to a PC case (A500) using an A1000 hacked KB. I had a digiView and MIDI interface and the 3D shutter glasses. I made music, animation and played with some game construction sets. And yes, of course I played games. I even had it in the internet for a brief time. Can anyone say MOSAIC? At least that what I think it was called.

I've had a huge break since then and about 6 years ago picked up a 512kchip/512k exp Amiga with GVO controller. The HDD began to fail so it got packed away again.

I brought it out recently when my TI-99/4a interest returned. I've been modding and expanding TIs since a little over a year ago, even writing and compiling Basic programs and games. When I discovered the SCSI2SD adaptor I quickly purchased one up and brought my Amiga back to life. upgraded it to full ECS and did the 1MB Chip hack. Unfortunately, besides gaming, I'm not have a great time with it. It's slower than I recall, not enough ram to really do any big projects, no internet or networking at all and I'm stuck on the video modulator RCA connection.

I got the vampire for the speed boost, additional ram and CF/SD card capabilities and I plan to put it into a PC case (my A500 case is falling apart due to age and being very brittle). I don't want to use 2 screens so I'm perfectly happy waiting for GOLDv3 to arrive before diving in completely.

I'm going to go back to what I love, music and animation and possibly more gaming since I never really enjoyed AGA games except for emulation which isn't quite the same thing for me. Sure I can do music and animation on the PC, but I enjoy the nostalgia and retro look and feel of working on real hardware.

I hope to enjoy the Amiga for many more years all over again and I think you will too. The Vampire is going to deliver higher performance than a stock machine, a lot of ram and higher resolution modern display for you. That's it. (maybe even ethernet as I hear that's being developed by another part of the team). It simply makes what you want to do with it more achievable over a stock system and "some" other accelerator options. I'm not going to get into the pros and cons of Vampire vs other accelerators vs an alternative future. other cards fell short for me personally in regards to all these things I need/want on a single board.

so like purchasing an Amiga was a personal choice for me back in the day, so is expanding it, customizing it and using it the way i want to. regardless of what the rest of the world does. I plan to share my adventure for anyone interested enough to read any topics i may post about it, because i so enjoy reading other peoples adventures and stories and projects.

So enjoy your Amiga for what it is. Cheers.
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