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Originally Posted by Aladin View Post
Hi, some test games whdload generic in upload eab ftp

.../~Uploads/Aladin/WHDLOAD generic/

Based with: (thanks wepl)

Workbench31_1.Slave 1 MB Chip 1 MB Fast
Workbench31_4.Slave 2 MB Chip 4 MB Fast
Workbench31_32.Slave 2 MB Chip 32 MB Fast
Workbench13.slave 1MB Chip et 1.5MB FAST
It can be quit by pressing F10 (key can be changed with Tooltype "QuitKey=").
kick34005.A500 , kick40063.A600", "kick40068.A1200" or "kick40068.A4000
Why did you use the slaves from the Workbench patches rather than the original GenericKick12.lha archive supplied on the WHDLoad website for generic installs? The slaves in the GenericKick12.lha archive appear to differ in size to those in the Workbench archives, which suggest that the ones in the Workbench archives are not really designed for generic installs.

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