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olwm, once you've got it running, does seem a lot smoother and faster than twm. Shame there's barely any apps... I'm trying to find more software that might work but Sun abandoned OpenLook for CDE around 94 and that didn't leave much on the ground as far opensource apps go.

I'm using it in X11R4 (the version for RTG boards other than the A2410), works fine. Funny that xset was all we needed, oh well.

Amiga_CDTV, you don't need to use the tape to install X11R5, just replace the line:

tar xf /dev/rmt/4h 2>/dev/null

tar xf X11R5.tar
(or whatever the name of the archive is)

That's all it takes... you have to be in the dir the archive is in of course.
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