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I've finally gotten my 2000 with GVP accelerator up and running. Unfortunately, I think the accelerator is flakey sometimes, and it was driving me mad thinking that I had an installation error. I'm using an actual tape drive, so the installation process takes a long time. So reinstalling multiple times gets old by the third attempt.

This time, in the .xinitrc I used xset fp+ /usr/X/lib/fonts/Xol (pointed to the default installation path for X11R4) and that worked just find. So no need to copy the directory.

For user accounts other than route… I haven't done this myself, but from what I read, to operate X from other accounts, the home directory of those accounts must each have their own copy of XsvgaConfig in them, and as we're using open look, a .xinitrc file would also need to be in the account with the xset fp+… argument and olwsm. Also, in /etc/profiles, there are actually two PATH statements. one for the root account, and one to be used for other accounts. If you didn't add "/usr/bin/X11:/usr/X11R5/bin" to both, then the regular user accounts would not have those directories added to the path. You can check whether they are in the users path, when you are logged in as the user of interest, and typing 'echo $PATH' That should print out what is in the user's path. (There may also be another profile file that can be added to the individual account if you want different paths or other settings for particular accounts. - If I remember correctly from my reading, usually unix will look in the user's directory for a settings file, such as a .xinitrc, and it if doesn't fine one, there is a default xinitrc that it goes to, if it can't find that, the program may have its own defaults.)

Hope that helps.
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