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Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
It looks like there is currently no way to make the emulated Amiga see a write protected disk. I used writable_floppy_images=1 and a read-only .adf. You can copy and move files around but you get read/write errors and software failures because the data is never really written to the image.
I need to prioritize this really soon. Probably should be on the list of stuff to fix before 2.8.0!

I want to design a system where the write-protect status follows the disk image, and not the drive itself. For example, if the option is floppy_drive_0_protect = 1 (etc), FS-UAE will associate the protection status with the file inserted into drive 0 at boot time, not with the drive. Will need both floppy_drive_x_protect and floppy_image_x_protect options for this. Alternatively, use only floppy_image_x_protect, and require a disk image to be listed in the swapping list to be able to change protection states of the disk image.

Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
@Morrissey_de I'll look it at for the next version
2.7.10dev will soon be released *without* fix for this, postponed to! -But the Launcher has a lot of other nice fixes and improvements for 2.7.10dev...
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