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Maybe I'm missing how your installation came together.

In my original installation I installed everything from the Amix 2.1 install tape - then I used the X11R5 installation that can be found here: The Very Unofficial Commodore Amiga Unix (AMIX) Wiki | X11PicassoII. It says Picasso II, but it works with other SVGA adapters, all of which I'm not entirely sure.

You are correct, after that installation, olinit is no longer used. However, in my installation, olinit still exist in the /usr/X/bin directory, which was the original Xwin binary directory. The new directory being in /usr/X11R5…

Looking quickly at my installation, there are a number of places for those libraries. /usr/X/lib (from the old installation), /usr/X11R5/lib (from the new installation), and in /usr/lib. From my installation, in /usr/lib, there are symbolic links to libX files in /usr/X/lib and and few of the files in /usr/lib/X11 (which is a symbolic link to usr/X/lib) (There are links all over the place…)

I'm presuming the new /usr/X11R5/bin has been added to "profile" in /etc.

Aside from that… I'm not quite sure. It seems were missing some sort of path to the directory to those libraries. I don't see anything in the user config files.

when you run xinit, do you know which one is running? The one in /usr/X/bin or the one in /usr/X11R5/bin?

In my /usr/X11R5/lib/ there is another directory X11, which also has among others which are symbolic links back to some of the …so.5.0 files.

Hope that gives you some avenues to check.

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