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We should be able to see an FS-64 and an FS-Speccy as well as some of the other popular ones pop up in a new FS-Suite Edition as well as standalone copies very soon then.

I can't wait for that expansion.

As for shaders I think we should get a tab for them in settings and the option to select a path to one like in the multiple MAME based emulators and possibly even go as far as updating the existing scanlines section with being able to pick your own poisen of scanlines in the shaders from a path to one whilst of course still keeping the on and off buttons you have on them already but just the added option of picking the path to your wanted scanlines as on the best quality picture the default scanlines are useless as they come up badly on the picture if you make the picture the best but put the default version on.

For the normal scanlines the default bog standard picture is the only one you can use with them without them having the problem with wonky contrasts between the lines but you get a worse overall picture by having to keep it on the picture settings they work on.

Having the shader version of the scanlines selectable with a selection box to select an edition that works fine on the good picture GL_Nearest or whatever is was best picture settings I feel would be benifitial to the scanlines shader settings section and if we do that nobody would have to find the file and put a path into it anymore as well so it's a better way of the setup I feel.

I also find multiplayer a bit to complicated on the current system and there being a lack of players in the IRC based chatroom to play with as well but it's only an extra feature anyway and not top prority to change to a better system yet but I feel the shaders selection box thing and maybe getting the drive sounds repaired as well is a top prority though as the current way is as complicated as the netplay system is especially if you don't have a fs-uae.dat to fiddle with to begin with well I can't find it at least and then theres the fiddling which I can't be bothered with although I'm probably smart enough to work it out.

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