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It has been a while since I set up my A3000, so I'm a bit fuzzy on what I did, though I do have an actively working installation that can be used as a reference.

I seem to remember copying the Xol font directory from /usr/X/lib/fonts to /usr/X11R5/lib/X11/fonts and that fixed it. Although, in my searches right now - I noticed a file in /usr/X/lib called Xdeffontpath. I'm pretty sure that file is for the X11R4 installation, though I presume there is a similar file somewhere in the X11R5 - (I'm currently running find searches on my Amix installation now). I haven't found an X11R5 file with a similar name.

As for d12lucida.snf, I don't see that in my Xol directory. I see e12lucid.snf in there though.

Before you installed X11R5, did you have X11R4 installed and did you run olinit? The reason I ask is because such is how I installed my X11R5 server on my A3000. As a result, I have a .olsetup file in my home directory. In this file it creates an export variable XWINFONTPATH that includes the Xol font directory. Although those directories seem to be from the X11R4 installation.

There is also a .xinitrc file, in which I have the following line.
xset fp+ /usr/X11R5/lib/X11/fonts/Xol

and then on the following line I invoke

In retrospect, copying the Xol directory was probably not the right thing to do / necessary, as that xset line should add the fonts/Xol directory to the font path, and I probably could have referenced the Xol directory from the R4 install.

I am currently trying to install Amix and the R5 Xserver on an Amiga 2000. Unfortunately, the Merlin graphics card I have was never modded and seems to be a problem child. In the process of starting X, it locked up the machine; and in locking the machine it wipes out Xsvgaconfig file. The file is still there, but it's entire contents is deleted. So it may not be a bad idea to copy this file somewhere else for safe keeping.

On the 2000, I tried installing the X11R5 server first, and then installing the Open Look files. Using my Piccolo graphics adapter from the 3000, I was able to get X to work. For Open Look, I copied the Xol font directly which seemed to fix one error (a complaint about not finding fonts) but could not get olwsm to launch. As I had earlier tried to put the Merlin in the 3000 to see if it would work there - and it subsequently blew away my Xsvgaconfig file, (and I didn't know what was going on at the time), it disabled the X11 server on my A3000. So now that I have my A3000 put back together and working, I am reluctant to take the Piccolo out for further experimentation in my A2000. So I'm waiting for another card to come up for sale for my A2000.

Anyway, I know my fixes have been trial and error - and as a result, rather messy. The fix may have been only due to only one of the many things I have done, or they could be the result of a combination of things. Hopefully something in what I wrote is of use.


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