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I finally found the files that I dumped from my original AMIX tape in 1998.

My tape is version 2.03, unlimited user, international.

I compared my files with those in the amix_2.03.7z archive on the EAB file server (~Uploads/twilen directory).

Three files differ. Using the number naming system (first file on tape is 00) they are 02, 24 and 26.

File 26 is truncated in amix_2.03.7z; its length is 5242880 bytes, whereas my one is 14672384 bytes long.

Both 24 files are the same length (8244224 bytes) but their contents differ. They are cpio archives which have been compressed with the UNIX compress command. Both files test as okay with gzip -t, but on trying to unpack the amix_2.03.7z 24 cpio archive, cpio prints cpio: warning: skipped 675 bytes of junk

File 02 might not be corrupted in amix_2.03.7z, but may just reflect differences between the international and US versions. Export of strong encryption from the US was not allowed at the time. (I didn't look into which files in that archive differ, someone else please do that!)

I have uploaded an archive of my 02, 24 and 26 files (~24.4MB) to:

(fix the URLs by changing hxxp to http and removing !)

By the way, if anyone has an AMIX tape that they want to dump/backup using their real Amiga...

I transferred each file from my tape using the BTNTape 3.0 handler, using commands like "rcopy TAPE: 00". (Rcopy is a file copy program that only uses simple reads, unlike the CLI Copy command.)

It should be possible to recreate an Amiga UNIX tape by using commands like "rcopy 00 TAPE:", when the tape handler is configured to not rewind after reading.

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