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Amiga and C64 case plastic... How to glue?

I have a few bits here that are, not perfect tbh!

Mainly stripped screw holes. The odd cracked case half etc. I have probably asked about this kinda thing already years ago...

I was thinking about using:

2part Epoxy
Loctite Superglue.

I have usually just gone straight for the Loctite and it has worked for very small jobs. But screw holes, is there a good method for this? I could do the bodge from my youth which involved finding slightly larger screws but tbh that is not ideal and ends up being non-original.

Also have a Breadbin c64 here that still holds it original working board but, sometime in its past repairs were carried out. Whoever did this managed to strip quite a few screwholes out

Would like to sort this stuff out once and for all!

The fun of old retro stuff lol

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