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Recheck your 3.1 ROM because it isn't correct: "00F80000 512K/1 = 512K Kickstart ROM (88136CA9)" Wrong checksum.

Log does not show any emulator crashes, just emulated CPU going to halted state. Does it really crash?
My md5sum of the two roms images I have around both give the same result: 0b839c665635a249c5736118c68a69a7 amiga/Roms/Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.63 (1993)(Commodore)(A500-A600-A2000).rom . Could someone else check with MD5 their's please?

Got them off the TOSEC archive. And yes the emulator halts, not crashes, sorry. In 3.0 it just provides a purple screen with top and bottom black bands and just sits there with the CPU running, whereas 3.1beta halts the cpu.
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