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Update: bug confirmed. On real CD32 and emulated CD32 ISO using winuae CD32 config it works well

With all versions of whdload I've tried it fails (under winuae). The mojo is launched but goes through the blocks without breaking them. It's not a copy protection issue, rather a whdload issue. Or there are checksums in the CD32 version too...

I helped Codetapper to fix superfrog project F a long time ago. Whdload writes $F0000001 in $4.W so if programs wrongly read this location (byte at 4) and stumble upon a non zero value like F0 (negative) it could fail. That's what happened with project F.

Unfortunately, it doesn't fix the Oscar issue... And same thing running through JST. Note that the mojo works: you can cling on platforms and break the blocks of the bonus room on top of the elevator at the start... Fishy.

EDIT: quickly adapting another CD32 kick31 emu slave (from chaos engine source, without any patches) to bundle CD version of Oscar 1) works 2) fixes the issue... So there's hope for a clean fix now (this slave could be a "CD32 generic" one BTW). One hypothesis would be that the code checksums aren't tripped because the game isn't patched at all.

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