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There are 3 main versions of blitz that are relevant these days:

- The 3-disk release of Blitz Basic 2.1, probably what was on the FTP, and a very popular release with a ring-bound manual. This needs to be installed properly by hand, instructions are in the manual, an online version of which is here. Only really useful if you're trying to run Blitz on a very low-end Amiga.

- The Ultimate Blitz Basic CD, an updated version of the floppy release of 2.1, with lots of added and updated libraries, editor, debugger, source and so on. This is a very comprehensive setup of Blitz 2.1, and is the one I'd recommend for classic development. It has a broken installer though, so download the working one from Aminet and use that instead.

- AmiBlitz 3, a massively reworked and updated version, based on the sources of Blitz 2.1 when they were released some time ago. This has some wonderful new additions, but is best suited to more powerful Amigas since the produced executables often require an 020 and an FPU. Recommended if you only intend your programs to be used on expanded Amigas with graphics cards and FPUs, and NG Amigas.

There are other releases too but they're less likely to be useful unless you have a very specific reason for them. Earok frequents these boards so he'll likely come along and confirm the details, but I would suspect he uses the Ultimate CD version above. Personally I use AmiBlitz 3, and if I need low-end compatibility, transfer the code to the Ultimate CD edition for the final stages of development.

Complicating things are the fact that there are different versions of libraries floating around, and some people modify their installation to support extra commands, both situations that can cause code incompatibilities. Do you have the debugger turned on in the Compiler settings? It's usually quite good at grabbing and highlighting problems before they cause a crash, though some crashes are simply beyond its reach.
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