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Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
I am currently converting the huge amos pd cdrom library to single ADF files, restoring the correct labels and such. This process is mandatory to make good use of each single entry in the library.
Good Idea to ask before!
As you probably know, we prefer to preserve/catalog disk images in its original unique structure, this means dumps of disk images as they were distributed.
Because you wrote "converting", i suppose the source is not any DMS or other disk image format.
I am aware of "Network CD", where the content of each single disk is stored in directories. Its not that ideal, because you cant restore original disk structure.
Right now, i cant find those AMOS PD CD, to check, if there are DMS images on it.
Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
Would it be a good addition to TOSEC when finished, so that all those amos adf's are readily available? Or am I just filling local diskspace?
Of course it would be a good addition, since it seems a unique Series
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