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Originally Posted by IanP View Post
Surely that's not the recommended orientation for a Raspberry PI with all the USB sockets so close to the side of the case. .../...
Checking the images the USB slot pre-cuts seem to be there on the front right of the lower shell although they aren't mentioned in the write-up.
I expect the new keyboard to be A1200 internal only (initially).
Thanks IanP,

- It fits nicely and being close to the right side provide a proper and easy cables management through the rear trapdoor.

- Yes USB pre-cuts are available and ready to be used.
The mention is here:
"Also visible are the 8 case screw bosses & no plastic clips On the right side of case are visible 2x recess for IC RapidRoad easy installation (2x USB opening + mounting)"

- Almost correct. But only almost.

Originally Posted by Akira
As for the keycaps, that's great news. I hope we can get a version with no markings, for the touchtypists.
Thanks Akira,
That could be an option.

Originally Posted by Spudje
And keyrah position is also odd .../...
- A full standalone new keyboard, for A2/3/4k??? .
Thank you Spudje,

- There wasn't much room and thats the best position. Remember that A1200 Keyboard ribbon has to connect to Keyrah and that ribbon isn't very long..
Hence Keyrah ports are accessible through rear I/O openings.

- Yes but not at first. Please wait for specs on these end of year

Thanks to all of you for your suppot and patience guys.
Molds tooling starts next week and we'll update you with photo on this process as well.

Team A1200.NET
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