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If you need any photos or help installing it shoot me a PM about it. I just got mine going again properly, though I'm now stuck on getting it to boot into DOS! I would most certainly pop a VGA card in it once you get it up and running. The emulated graphics on them are horrible and you'll want a dedicated VGA display if you want to do anything useful with it. Also the MakeAB hard drive sharing system on the Amiga's hard disk is incredibly slow, so I recommend trying to mount a dedicated hard drive in the machine, either in the form of a Quantum Hardcard, or through using a dedicated controller and drive, either mounted where one of the floppy drives are or using some other type of mount!

As for your sorry board, I recommend probably just leaving it to soak in vinegar for a few hours considering a lot of the corrosion is under sockets and whatnot. Ideally you SHOULD replace those sockets with new ones, but if the corrosion isn't too bad you can usually get away with just a vinegar bath and a brush. Those pads look pretty bad, sO really good luck with fixing it. If you need any photos or anything let me know because there was only a tiny section on my board that was damaged. All traces are ok though and you should be able to follow them if yours are too far gone to track their locations. Best of luck!
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