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A2386SX woes

Been working on various bits I've got, a lot of old Varta battery removal... anyway, the latest one is a sad one... I got this A2000 that had an A2386 bridgeboard in it. I don't recall if it was working when I got it or not, but it sat in storage for several years. Got them out a little while ago, started working on them, have a few things broken, like power issues on a SCSI card, these batteries, etc, and so I went to work on the bridgeboard today to repair the corrosion damage.
Sadly, didn't go well so far. The corrosion went under the adjoining cap (ceramic, so nothing from it) and on under the WDC floppy controller chip, and really chewed into some of the traces.

When I went to pull it off today with my new smd rework station, over half the lands are shot and a lot of the copper traces are gone.

I'm not sure, but I'm not confident in being able to repair that many lands. So I ordered a socket and will attempt to bodge wire it to the closest clean points on the board.

I honestly think I did some of the damage myself, but not nearly all. As you can see the board is eaten up very badly in this area, and it goes clear through.

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