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Shmups Mk 2

Hey Akira!

On the Shmups page about the Amiga, it mentions Apidya and asks "Does this EXIST? If so, I would love to get my mitts on it =)" Of course it exists!

I think you meant to put this comment on Apidya 2. However, we proved that Apidya 2 doesn't exist some time ago.

Also, on the main page (, it says:

"Shmups is maintained by Akira , Aurang and Felix the Cat since February 23, 1999, taking over the fantastic job..."

In this text, the links to your names are missing the /contactinfo/ bits and result in broken links.

Also, I estimate that there are about 600 Amiga games which could be called shoot-'em-ups, while you only list 70...

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