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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
I tried to because I was curious as to the exact mechanics behind it, but I'm having real trouble finding proof of it. I found a vague reddit post regarding path of exile, and not much else.

I can guess it has something to do with resource management where the task manager forces a high performance profile to be active...
See for yourself, plenty of demos on their shitty store. I remember the problem and solution blew up in Forza and returned now in Gears 5, especially on 144Hz monitors. But IIRC on 60Hz you still had 30fps without this trick.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
It did not work, even after I tried windowed mode, switch back to full mode. They even have 'limit to 30 fps' as an option. I don't know, probably I was expecting bit much from remake/this version?!

Even MS logo and intro video loads like shit.
I played throught the whole first campaign and a few next missions and can't say I had any problems. Reading through the Steam comments I can't say people mention performance problems so... it's a M$ Store thing?

EDIT: I can definitely mention I hated the pathfinding, it's as retarded as I remember it from the old version, lovely.
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