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i even get this annoying message, if i do NOT use anything (rom files, ...) from cloanto!
just tested with other kickstart roms which are located on commodore blackzone bbs cd.
cd contains original commodore files, sold by former commodore employee rainer benda.
external (non-cloanto) configurations including external (non-cloanto) hardfiles are mine.
I set it up using original amigaos from ORIGINAL HAAGE & PARTNER amigaos 3.9 cdrom.
also my external (non-cloanto) configurations were done by myself, NOT done by cloanto!!!
for non-cloanto configs rom files were the ONE AND ONLY thing i EVER used from cloanto!
even for os3.1/2.0 i used contents of my original 3.1 FLOPPY DISKS which i have converted to .adf file!
they came from commodore, NOT cloanto! i used cloanto roms, i paid money for, for being on legal side.
and winuae emulation software belongs to toni wilen, who is NOT an employee at cloanto, as far i know...
so, WITHOUT using ANY content from cloanto, i'm still bothered with this silly amiga forever message!!!
seriously?!? what's the fcking point of that?!?

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