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Cool. Got it working. Not pixel perfect because of rounding. And, I also forgot to say that I also save the window width/height, which will also vary.
	ULONG							sum=MainWindow->Width-(!IsOS4 ? 22 : 28)-6+14;
	ULONG							sum2=sum/2;

	ULONG							w1=NavigationGad->Width;

	w1 = (w1 * 100 + sum2) / sum;

	return w1;
The 22 : 28 is for (Window->BorderLeft + Window->BorderRight); 22 for OS3.9, 28 for OS4. The 6 is for the width of the weightbar. The 14, not sure where that is coming from; may be 20 on OS4. But 6 pixels won't ruin the math.

Then in the layout code for the navigation gadget
CHILD_WeightedWidth,		Prefs->NavigationWidth,
And the other listbrowser
CHILD_WeightedWidth,		99-Prefs->NavigationWidth,
I use 99 to accommodate for the weightbar. Slightly more accurate.
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