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I followed the guide on the polish site, and it worked, so now I have a working installation of OS 4.1 FE with 256MB Memory instead.

Yes, it takes a little longer to load, compared to the cyberstorm SCSI, but I don't think it matter. When it is loaded it is quite responsive anyway.

BUT, I have one more problem. I can't seem to have more than ONE harddrive. I have tried to make another hardfile in WinUAE with standard filesystem, and MediaToolbox can find the harddrive, I can create a partition on it, I can add a filesystem to it and I can save all changes to the disk, but it never shows up, as an uninitialized volume. The format program does not find it. Why is this? Is it impossible to have two harddrives in A1200 with BlizzPPC? I thought it had support for up to four devices on the IDE controller, anyway it should at least have support for TWO, because I could have the boot drive and the CD, simultaneously, So how do I do to create another harddrive to make it visible in OS4.1FE:s format program?

I have tried to use IDE 1 and IDE 2, but it has not worked.

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