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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Still no answer on ISA compatibility though

Will the ISA be based on 68000 or 020? (I seem to remember reading it was a franken-ISA based on 000 with some additional 020 instructions?)

Is it 100% complete? No missing/unimplemented instructions?
Now Phoenix is compatible with the 68000, and has many instructions from the 68020.

We lack 1 instruction in the 68000 set (moveP). It is a speed choice, because this is a rare instruction that requires 2 cycles of clock (all the other instructions needs only one cycle).
The missing instruction Movep is emulated through an external library (like on the 68060)... the compatibility is very good (i can't say total but...).

We have many (most) instructions from the 68020 set, the missing instructions can be emulated through the external library (yes, like on the 68060).
Phoenix has plus native instructions than the TG68_020, but we can't say to have the 020 compatibility because an important decoding is missing in phoenix (but Gunnar is working on this)...

to know what is missing, i need to ask to Gunnar !

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