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IndieGoGo: New Compatible Amiga 500 Cases

Dear Amigans,

The A1200 Team and myself are happy to share with you our third Crowdfunding campaign.

►New Amiga 500(+) Compatible cases ◄

Campaign Link:

Please note:

  • The campaign is now in USD.
  • Previous campaign for the keycaps was in SGD.
  • This wasn't easy for some backers to notice right away.
  • One of the many advantages moving to Indiegogo was the option to chose the USD currency, alongside a bunch of other features they offer. Things that are not possible on Kickstarter.

Campaign informations:
The purpose of this new campaign is to create new molds for Amiga 500 computer cases.

With the Team we've decided to go for the A500+ case design with its larger badge. Since we'll provide nice Metal badges.

The molds will carry out the case shells, but also expansion doors, and Apollo Vampire ports adapter, Vampire V4 cradle and if everything goes as planned with the last stretch goal; Replacement shells for Tank Mouse will be available too.

As the bulk of the stress for the keycaps is now over.
We know we have the design and materials down. And are now waiting for our production slot and then go into labeling.
And this is 100% outsourced to our manufacturing partners.

Thus we now have the bandwidth to invest time in the next project and work on the design (which started already a few months ago with we had the Keycap Design set it stone)

Here a couple campaign details and case features:

  • The campaign will last 45 days.
    - It can be expended to 60 days if necessary.
  • You can pledge on multiple rewards
    - Just send a message after your first pledge and we'll get back to you.
  • New run of Keycaps is planned
    - This will happen after all keycaps backers have received their rewards.
  • Case is a Replica of Original A500 case
  • Full support for Vampire accelerators
  • New trapdoor on the rear
  • Vented bottom trapdoor
  • Metal brass inserts & screws
  • Case Metal Badge
  • Rubber Foot
  • New Original A500 Color.
    New RED and GREEN Colors
  • New Tank Mouse Shells (Stretch Goal)

Thank you again for your support and for helping us to continue and renew necessary parts of the Amiga classics.

Team A1200NET

Special Editions

  • Apollo Vampire Special Edition
    (Including Vampire SE Accessories Kit)

  • [ Show youtube player ]
    - This Collectors edition is manufactured by

    - [ Show youtube player ]

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