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Help with gcc cross-compiling


I've just come back to the Amiga after a couple of years gap. Previously I had an environment set up on my A1200 but TBH, with just a largely vanilla setup it was kinda painful so this time round I thought I'd give in and try cross compiling.

I'm using macOS Sierra (the latest). Are there ANY binary distributions of gcc available to just install via nix or brew or something, or do they all need to be built?

I've read through the thread on the gcc v6 port thats going on at the moment and that was a really interesting read, but is there any preference? I built cahir's gcc toolchain the other night but I'm really not sure that it built correctly. Which leads me to...

Is there some place that explains the different Amiga libs and such in gcc? A tutorial maybe? I was able to build some samples but the lib paths I had to put in to get them to build seemed far more convoluted to me than I would have expected.

As background I've been a developer for 25 years. For my sins I'm currently heavily involved in maintenance of a large Java EE application but in the past have done a lot of C so I need a good chunk of refresher but should be OK once I get going.

I am thinking gcc because I can then use JetBrains CLION IDE and CMake.
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