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A4000D upgrade options

Howdy folks,

I've recently acquired an A4000D EC68030 unit. MB not so bad but RTC battery needs attention! You know the score. I'm used to my A1200s and A600 since the 90's but I have little experience of the A4000. I'm wondering what upgrade options I have...for example, should I go down the mediator route? I've read that the subway USB unit can go in an A4000 with the addition of a compatible clock port. So I'm looking for ideas as I'd like to make this my main box. I'm currently on an A1200 with Apollo 1240 and Individion AGA so obvioously this rig is faster. So all you A4000 folk...give me some ideas!


P.S. Regarding the battery replacement should I go for a coin type battery with socket?
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