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Older versions of ASp were even faster as they allowed 100% speed of 128k Speccy on 030/50mhz , because they used different -less os friendly iirc- routines for screens. CBSpeccy is also great, plays most games, emulates pentagon too, 100% 128k speccy speed on 030/50mhz with the right settings and has a neat built-in cheat engine! For anyone with RTG and 040 (or Jens' bigger 030 cards) ASp is the best choice though!

GBE for warpos is great for gameboy/gameboy color if you have ppc otherwise it's wzonkalad or amigameboy (from the author of amimastergear and amimsx).

I also recall emucpc and acpc being the best for Amstrad emulation.

fMSX was a good alternative to amimsx, but harder to configure, a bit slower and more compatible. Speed's no issue on 040 though.
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