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Do you know, Im not sure what Amigas I have now

I have an A500 with a A590 HD attached in small bedroom and ive an accellorated A1200 (not sure to what speed, 040, maybe 050) on the bottom shelf of my coffee table the lounge (needs packing away really). And then theres i think an accelerated A1200 with a huge HD under my bed ina box and there might be another A500 there but im not sure...

Why any of us need multiple old computers lying about Ive no idea, but I notice it seems to be common theme in this thread!!!

Add to this old Atari 2600 machines (various of due to buying games on e-bay that were bundled with yet another console), a couple of MSX 64k and sinclair +2 ... might be time for a clear out
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