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FS: FULLY LOADED A3000, a bare bone A3000 and lots of Amiga Stuff!

Hi Guys,

For those of you that may remember, my name is Errol and I used to run the Amiga company called E.M.Computergraphic who were (among othe things) responsible for developing and compiling the EMC Phase 1, 2, 3, and 4 series of multi-award winning Amiga DTP/DTV CDs.

E.M.Computergraphic were also the CD-ROM compilers for the Amiga Format CD Coverdiscs and the UK and European distributors for Computer Safari typefaces and Opalvision software.

Anyway, I closed down E.M.Computergraphic in November 2000 and this lot has been sittng in storage ever since. The clock is ticking... have a look at the list and then visit the Info Page (URL at bottom of this post) for more info and lots of pictures...

Thank you...

Amiga 3000 - Number 1

Amiga 3000 Desktop
2mb chip and 16mb fast
Kickstart 40.68, Workbench 40.42
HD Floppy drive
Quantum Fireball 2100 mb ultra fast SCSI HD
Progressive Peripherals Mercury 040/28mhz accelerator with manual
(Running the 3000 at 21.12 mips compared to the 4.37 mips of a standard 3000/030)
Phase 5 Cybervision 64 CyberGFX graphics card
Commodore A2058 Zorro II 8mb Ram expansion card
Alfa Data Oktagon 2008 SCSI II controller
Alfa Data 3 button mouse
External Roctec floppy drive
The offical A3000 user manual and all 6 Workbench 3.1 install discs

Installed software

Just about everything that was worth having at the time is installed on the machine. It's almost impossible to list everything but highlights include:

Pagestream 2, 2.22 & 3, Professional Page 4.1, Professional Draw, Cloanto Pesonal Paint 7.1, Deluxe Paint 4.1 & 5, Typesmith, Superbase Professional 4, Photogenics 2.0, ImageFX2, Main Actor, Directory Opus 4 & 5, Diskmaster2, MasterISO, Quarterback, Ami-back, Powerpacker Pro, MakeCD, Art Department Professional 2.50 with all the additional modules, Pro Control, Turbo Text, Final Write, Scala & Scala MM400, AudioMaster 4, MagicWB, AsimCDFS and obviously... a shed loads of fonts!!!


Amiga 3000 - Number 2

Haven't got the time to check this 3000 out properly but it powers up and it goes through the cycles of accessing and booting from a floppy disk but, for some reason there is no video output from the 15Khz video port and it has no hard drive.

Rev 7 Motherboard (clean and free from leakage)
2mb chip and 4mb fast
Fitted with A3000 ROM tower with 2.04 chips
Hypercom 3 Plus I/O card with 1 parallel port and 2 high speed serial ports (DB9 & DB25)
Original A3000 keyboard and mouse
Given a bit of know how and a hard drive I'm sure that it could be given a new lease of life but, I guess it would be better for this 3000 to be considered as a source for spare parts.


Custom External "SCSI Box" (to house external SCSi devices)

Plextor Plex PX-20TSi 12/20 Speed CAV CD-ROM Drive
Yamaha CDR102 4x read and 2x write CD burner
Sony DDS-2 SCSI DAT Tape Drive
Seagate ST11200N 1.2 Gb Hard drive
Seagate ST51080N 1.2 Gb hard drive


Siamese 2 RTG PC to Amiga Networking System

I have had a look at the Siamese manual and it seems as though all the cables and cards are present but it *may* have some bits missing. See Info Page for more info


A box with several Amiga chips

I'm not sure if they work or not but having said that I can't really see why I would have kept them if they didn't. The chips are:

2 x WDC SCSI controller chips
1 x 315093-02 chip, which I believe to be the original KS 1.3 chip
1 x 8520A-1 chip, which I believe is a CIA chip
2 x 8520PD chips, which I believe are also CIA chips


Other Bits and Bobs

43 Amiga Format CD-ROM cover disks in their original cases
No.10 (AF94 - Feb97) - No.52 (AF 136 - May 2000)

Spare Amiga Keyboard which came from an old A2000 (I think)

.. more to follow...! :-)


I unpacked the main Amiga a few days ago and after checking it internally, plugging in the keyboard, mouse and a monitor and... holding my breath... I fired it up! To my total suprise and utter amazement, the power light came on and the hard drive light flickered into life... the trusty old Amiga booted up first time!!! The only error was a requester asking for CD0: which obviosly wasn't connected.

I have been playing about with it for the last fews days, just messing about with the programs and looking over the old documents and pictures. It didn't crash or even pop up a guru even once! Guess Amigas were built to last!

For more info and pictures please click here or here

So guys, I am open to sensible offers, suggestions and or feedback. If you have any questions or comments, you can reply to my post here and/or email me directly from the Info Page.


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